Recommendation for work as Communications Specialist for Jibbigo

"Miriam, I continue being impressed with your proactive way of making sure our customers get what they need and want and that problems are dealt with.  The feedback from the field is essential responding to it is absolutely crucial!  Thank you!"  

January 5, 2011. Alex Waibel, Founder, Jibbigo LLC

Jibbigo Customer Comments

  • “Wow, what a response, Thank you very much.  I will post your responses back to the forum and let everyone know how incredibly responsive you have been."
  • "Jibbigo's customer service is top notch.  You've gone above and beyond and have done everything you said you would.  In a world in which customer service has become increasingly nonexistent, it is a breath of fresh air and means a great deal to me."
  • "Hello Miriam,  Thank you so much for your quick responsiveness!  This is an excellent response to a challenging situation and your company should serve as a shining example to other app developers in the marketplace."
  • "Wow .. let me tell you something .. you guys seem different.  Finally, a company who is on top of both their product AND their support!”



Recommendations for work as Chief Preserve Steward of Pearson-Arastradero Preserve for Acterra, Action for a Sustainable Earth  

“Miriam invigorated the Stewardship Program at Arastradero Preserve with her energy and passion for bringing people together to improve the ecological health of the land. She developed new programs and educational materials including new tools to help our volunteers understand invasive plant issues and identification. She is a systems thinker, able to get to the root of problems and create solutions. She works well in a team, helping others get the work done and have fun in the process!”

May, 2009. Claire Elliott, Director of Stewardship Programs, Acterra. 


“With a passion for the native California environment, Miriam devotes her enthusiasm and great energy towards promoting stewardship. Her positive attitude and patience assist her in educating individuals of all ages. Whether teaching a workshop or working one-on-one, Miriam is alert, informative, and extremely attentive to encouraging one’s interest in plants. Miriam’s extensive plant knowledge allows her to thoroughly monitor and weed large areas of native and invasive species. Her desire to spread her knowledge is apparent in her ability to provoke others’ interest in becoming stewards. Miriam’s energetic spirit makes her a pleasure to work with. She is an outstanding advocate for the native environment.” 

May 2009. Sarah Moos, Student , Scripps College. 


“I've been a regular volunteer doing habitat restoration at Arastradero Preserve in Palo Alto for almost three years. For most of that time Miriam was the chief steward on the preserve; managing volunteer activities was one of her multiple responsibilities. Miriam did a fantastic job in this role: she was knowledgable on the biological issues and more than willing to share that knowledge with volunteers, extremely hard-working (both managing others and doing the labor-intensive work herself), enthusiastic, and a great communicator. I worked more with her than with other paid Acterra staff, but it was apparent that she got along very well with them as well. I was very sorry to see her leave.” 

May 2009. Steve Haas, environmental volunteer, parks and wilderness.


“I have greatly enjoyed working alongside Miriam numerous times in Acterra's 'Weed Warrior' volunteer program which was led by her. Miriam's extensive knowledge of native and invasive plants paired with her passionate and positive attitude always made the work of digging up 'weeds' much more fun and educational! Miriam is an excellent teacher and program leader, conveying her vast knowledge in a contagiously enthusiastic fashion. She would be an asset to any organization!”

May, 2009.  Sabine Axt, Volunteer, Acterra.


Recommendation for work as Instructor for East Side Adult Education 

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