I am an experienced ecologist, environmental educator, and program/project coordinator: bilingual, bicultural and highly computer literate.  

I am the Land Manager for Portola Valley Ranch.  I also do ecological consulting, and native plant landscape maintenance and design.  I hold Clear Credentials in Adult Education and Program Supervision, and possess a Master’s Degree from San Francisco State University in Social Science, Interdisciplinary.  

My specialties include: 

  • Native plant gardening and lawn replacement
  • Grassland and other habitat restoration
  • Invasive plant control and awareness
  • Fire risk remediation planning and education
  • Languages and translation
  • Gardener education
  • Engaging diverse communities in environmental stewardship 
  • Nature education and leading hikes



Please visit the links at the left to see samples of my work and recommendations. 

I welcome questions and comments.  Feel free to email me at M.SachsMartin@gmail.com 


“Miriam invigorated the Stewardship Program at Arastradero Preserve with her energy and passion for bringing people together to improve the ecological health of the land."  Claire Elliott, Director of Stewardship Programs, Acterra

"It was wonderful! Great day, great wildflowers, lots of good conversations - and even a couple of birds!  Thanks so much.  I'm so glad you're doing these [hikes]; they're a real gift to us.  I love the way you convey both information and nomenclature without the least bit of didacticism.  It's very inviting - and wonderful.  Thank you!" Dudley Carlson, PVR Resident and Hike Participant

"Miriam makes change happen." Judy McCoy, Principal, Placer School for Adults 

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